Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Real Intent

Hello Family!!

This week FLEW by. Here are the highlights:

-We went to an english member's house to get hair cuts and turns out she is a convert from LA. And get this- SHE USED TO BE FRANK SINATRA'S MAKEUP ARTIST!!! how crazy is that? She like touched his face and then trimmed my split ends. Crazy. 

-WE FOUND A FAMILY! actually they found us. They called us on sunday because they had our card laying around there house (we can't remember where we talked to them, but they remember us.) They asked if we could come teach them and if they could come to our church! We have been meeting with them all week in their 8'x5' house- (that's 8 feet by 5 feet...and it's not an exaggeration. I'm probably even being a little generous). They are SO awesome and SO humble. They want to get baptized at the end of this month IF they find out that it's true. So basically, if they ask God with real intent, they will be baptized.

- I forgot to tell this story last week...but it made my whole mission. SO here goes. 
When Britney was getting baptized the member kept messing up the prayer. FINALLY he got it but her knee came up. I think the guy was embarassed or something so he decides to say "Britney SPEARS Salazar, yo te bautizo....." 
He finished the whole prayer and everyone is thinking he was joking, but he actually tried to dunk her! And the witnesses had a hay-day. They were SO MAD. HAHAHA it was the darnest thing. 

-Little Yami Repented! Yami is our 16 year old investigator who is getting baptized this next week! She is my BFF but has a hard time opening up about gospel stuff. But we got there last monday and she tells us this whole story about how she started feeling bad about her past and things kept building up, so she got on her knees and prayed. She prayed for a good hour! And then she got in the shower to see if the water would wash her sins, but it didn't so she is just looking forward to her actual baptism now. haha but seriously...HOW COOL IS THAT?

This week I have been thinking a lot about "real intent". We talk to A LOT of people every day. But very few accept Jesus's message in the end. The church is true, Jesus suffered for EVERYONES sins, God is the very literal FATHER of everyone we talk to, and the only way we get redeemed of our sins and feel all of the love God has for us is through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ....so why do people reject us? Why do people take the discussions for years and never have a baptism? Why do faithful members of the church leave? 

I think it boils down to just talking to God, trusting in what he says, and having intent to act on his message! He will never lead his children astray. But, we often know that his answer to us might not be what we want. Maybe it will prove us wrong, or change our path more drastically than we want. I know i've been there. I have been too prideful to ask god sincerely for answers many times. I cheat out of it with a quick prayer and then rely on my own reasoning to get me through trials or questions about faith. But I have also had moments where I realize that I have no idea what I'm doing and I NEED God to guide me. In those times I have felt his love so strong. I KNOW that anyone who asks God, through a prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, with real intent to act on the answer WILL be given the answers they seek. It applies to every question we could possible have. But, it's easy said than done. It's scary, it takes a lot of humility, and a lot of faith. But everyone who I have seen ask God for answers with real intent, has received the strength to embrace the gospel. (Moroni 10 3-5)



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