Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Hi everyone!! We had a great week this week! First...something dumb/funny I did. I was leading the music at church and could see the deacons waiting to pass the sacrament. They were all on their phones! They were all, but one, smart enough to put them away right before the sacrament started. When I passed them to go to my seat the sacrament prayer was about to start and one was still as i walked by I flicked him in the head. HAHA i think I scared him good. 

We watched the General Women's Session (SHOUT OUT TO KATIE FOR BEING ON SCREEN) at Mayra's (RC) house. Right before her niece texted to see if Mayra could do her hair for a party. Mayra was a little annoyed but said yes. Then during the conference one of the speakers talked about how sometimes little acts of service, like brushing someones hair, can bring holiness. Mayra was sitting RIGHT THERE brushing her nieces hair. Afterward Mayra told us that it struck her so hard and that she wants to be more holy. Then Angel comes in the door. He was supposed to be getting us snacks but he came back to tell us that he saw someone who's car broke down so he helped them. Then he ran into the elders who were racing home for something so he put their bikes in the truck and drove them home. He couldn't WAIT to come and tell us about his service. I have never seen him look so HAPPY. We were so proud of him!

We have been focusing a ton on families. Teaching a family is just TOO GOOD, so we are looking for more. We have been using this approach where we meet a mom or something and we tell them that we are out here trying to teach people about how Jesus can unite their family. Ususally that alone gets a return appointment! If they aren't interested we offer to do a FHE which has worked every time. And if they don't have a family we teach them about family history so they can find their family. It has been AWESOME. 

I decided to try out a new door technique this week. It might be a little too manipulative, but so far it is working. When people open the door and immediately say "Sorry we aren't interested" I say, acting really confused, "Not interested in what?" Then they get confused and say something like "What you are doing." And then I say "Wait, have you met us before? How did you know what we do?" And then they say "No....i'm just not interested." and then I say "in what?" and then they get awkward because they realize they have no idea....and then I act confused. Then I say "Well that makes sense if we haven't met, cause if you knew why we were here you would be VERY interested." I did it a couple times and it worked! People open right up and ask us what we are doing and we have great conversations. Plus it's funny....I'll keep you posted on if it is effective or not. 

Finally, stay tuned THIS FRIDAY for the new Easter Initiative to launch! The church made an AWESOME video that we got to see! It is so beautiful! Can you imagine if all 16 million members shared the video this friday? And if each of us referred a friend who liked the video to the missionaries? That probably wont happen...unless the members GET ON IT! I promise that if  you take advantage of this opportunities you could be part of a MIRACLE! Lets invite EVERYONE to learn about Jesus! #PrinceOfPeace

We are so excited about General Conference. We want to bike around the neighborhoods yelling "THE PROPHET IS SPEAKING" haha. Don't worry we won't. Hope you have a great week! xo

Hermana Johnson

"Our gps broke so we are rocking the paper maps now"