Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Week 1 (Day 1)

Sorry I have more time than I thought...better e-mail. So far the food is so bad. I feel so sick to my stomach. My companion is the BEST! I'm going to love her. I am so sorry I wasn't more emotional on the curb. I know that bugs you guys...but honestly if I let myself think about how much I will miss you I wouldn't be able to do this. I wouldn't have even walked in. Guys the church is true! I feel so much peace and purpose here. I have already met great people and had lots of happy moments. I feel closer to God already and know that this is His work. Send me my satchel ASAP...and send me dear elders cause I can get them at any time. All the info you need for that is in my MTC address...on my blog. Also I really want my water bottles. So send those. And if you find my amino acid supplements in the cupboard I want those...I already know I will not be eating for the next 6 weeks. And they aren't letting us workout tomorrow....dumb. MTC is lame and spiritual all at the same time.

LOVE YOU!!!! Thanks for being the best family EVER

Hermana Johnson