Monday, June 26, 2017

Is That God? I Like His Beard- Children of Santa Fe

Hola Familia! This week has been a major turning point the area!.

Highlight of the week was studying in the apartment and some rascals decided to play with their toy trucks right outside our door. Very noisy. But at one point one of them must have seen the Jesus picture on our door and said, "Is that God?" and the other kid said, "Who knows, but I like his beard."

I heard this quote from Dan Clark, a BYU professor who said, "Work like it all depends on you, and pray like it all depends on the Lord." So that's what we have been doing!

I decided that we need to kick it into gear if we want this branch to grow more. And I have felt that it will grow through convert baptisms. So with that being said we prayed and decided that we must find families to baptize...key word is FIND. There is a mission statistic that out of every 15 new investigators, one gets baptized. My mission average has been finding 3-5 news a week (with an occasional 6 or 8). I did the math and I have baptized once about every 3 weeks of my mission. The statistic adds up right? So on Thursday we decided that we were going to find like crazy through more bold, more spiritual, on-the-spot lessons. By the end of the week we had gone from 2 news to 12! Many of which were member referrals and families who are prepared! We did many things that we sometimes shy away from (like stopping people in their paths and knocking doors). It was so much fun. We know that if it is the Lord's will that we can do the same this week AND put at least one of those people on solid bap-date, and hopefully more! 

We went to Luis' house and taught him that God is his Heavenly Father, again. This time we explained what that truly means. That Heavenly Father literally created his spirit. He raised him in the spirit world for eons of time. He knows Luis better than anyone on earth will ever know him. He loves him and it breaks His heart when any of us forget that divine relationship. Then someday we will come back to Him and He will call us by name. All of our memories from the pre-mortal life will come flooding back. We will REMEMBER that HE LOVES US. That we NEVER were alone. He is always there. The spirit was so strong and he opened up about many life experiences that have directly effected his conversion that he had never shared. He said that when he was younger he had a very strong trust in God even though nobody had taught that to him. Case and point? I think yes.

 He also was inspired as he helped plant flowers at the temple last week with the branch. We had arranged for the mission leader and a recent convert from a YSA branch to be there. They did a GREAT job fellow-shipping Luis. Luis said of the experience, "Coffee and tithing are nothing. I'm being so selfish! I should just do what the YSA guys said and get baptized...don't ya think?" That's a statement I can definitely agree with. 

We are trying to use the temple for conversion more and more. We have had an FHE with our branch to get people started on family history. One woman found out that her parents who passed away are already sealed! And she isn't sealed to them! Everyone was so excited. We have also been starting with "the end in mind" with many of our investigators by preparing them for the temple and doing family history right off the bat- and it is working beautifully!

We have received a lot of guidance from zone conferences about focusing on identity, revelation, and Jesus Christ in the first lesson! We taught a former this week and she said, through her tears, "I have never understood this until now." Even I got choked up sharing the first vision. I will never forget that spirit!

I went on exchanges with Sister Hubbard this week! It's nice because we have the same area, she is just English and I am Spanish. So I still had chances of finding Spanish people to teach! We asked everyone that we saw for referrals and through that we found a less active, un-recorded, FAMILY for our branch! Such a miracle!

Finally, we did a youth fireside was INCREDIBLE. I have only felt the spirit that strong on rare occasions. We put it together with the english sisters. All of the youth submitted questions for the missionaries. We narrowed it down to a few quesions and invited Luis to answer a few from an investigators perspective. We all gathered in a circle and shared answers to their awesome questions. We talked about what to expect at the MTC, how to prepare (repentance), how to feel the spirit, how to be worthy of the priesthood, what our hardest trials on the mission have been, sister Hazen shared her conversion story, and Luis shared his. Sister Hubbard stopped the discussion many times to point out the spirit that we were feeling and ask inspired questions. And the best part was that Luis told the whole group that he would soon be a member! If anything has been done in Santa Fe it is that MANY youth now have STRONG desires to serve missions. One youth was asked, "would you come again if we did it in a few months?" She said, "Heck I'd come again if you did it tomorrow!". I would strongly recommend this to any ward and stake. It was such a wonderful experience!

There are so many miracles I can hardly count! Just know that the Lord is working here in Santa Fe. I feel so humbled to be a part of this work. Next transfer we will see many enter into the waters of baptism who will be a great strength to the branch. 



We went on THE BEST 7 mile hike this morning! Hermana Wallis and I ran back down the mountain. It actually felt like freedom...until I sprained my ankle and got my knees all bloody. So fun though. zero regrets

We tried to find a less active, but this mess was their address. hoping they don't actually live here....but i thought, hey i'm a trashy missionary, might as well snap a photo with this trashy "house".

Also, this bird has been hanging from our investigator's house for weeks. I always say hi to him. He must be sleeping or something.

Monday, June 12, 2017


This week was excelent! I want to share just two miracles that happened on Sunday.

Miracle 1.) On Friday of this week our recent convert Yajaira called us up and asked if she could come out with us. We told her what appointments we had lined up and she said that she wanted to help with them all! So we took her out to lessons from 1:00pm- 9:00pm! Non of our appointments fell through and she even took us to knock on some of her friends doors. In every lesson she opened her mouth and testified powerfully and boldly. Each time she shared something different and clearly inspired by the spirit. I was so amazed! 

Then on Sunday she came to church! (She hasn't been in a few weeks.) We sat there listening to the testimonies and I leaned over to her and said, like I do every fast and testimony meeting, "Your turn!". Usually she just gets and attitude and tells me no. But this time her reply was, "What am I supposed to say?" I explained briefly how to format it and she went up!!!! Her testimony went something like this:

"I know this is the true church. I was always so confused because I didn't know who God and Jesus were exactly, but now I know and I am so much happier. Ever since I got baptized I have felt like I can be somebody. The other day I went out on missions with the Hermanas. We went and saw a lot of people and I was amazed at all of the people who don't know! The biggest thing I saw was that people tell the hermanas all of their problems...and of course they told them that things like church and scriptures and prayer would help. But people came up with excuses! They thought their problems were too big for God!

I know that Jesus lived a perfect life. And they killed him! They didn't just kill him...they tortured him and mocked him and beat him. They whole time he went through that he blessed the people, he had love for them, and in his final moments as he HUNG ON A CROSS, he asked his Father to forgive them. And people think that Jesus can't help their problems??? They think He doesn't understand?? I know He will always help. He understands us. I invite all of you to open the Book of Mormon and I promise He will help you. He does understand YOU. In the name of Jesus Christ amen."

It was one of the most touching moments of my whole mission. 

Following Yajaira less active after less active got up and said that she made them want to be better. We finally had a spiritual testimony meeting where everybody left completely filled with the spirit and a desire to do good.

#2.) Meanwhile, Luis was sitting right next to us. All three meetings had been SO perfect for him. We talked all about the blessings of the commandments and he seemed to really understand (as his struggle is paying tithing right now). He finally looked comfortable at church with the branch! As the meeting ended he asked me, "Where can I find a tithing envelope?". I tried to show him without giving away how happy I was. He ended up paying an offering to the mission fund!!! He walked it right up to president with a smile on his face. Considering that the last letter he handed to president said he doesn't feel he should continue with the church, just a week ago, I would call that a MIRACLE.

We have been working on are having an activity for the youth. Last Saturday we had an activity for the youth to bring their friends to the park to play kick-ball. We invited the english ward too! It was really a fun bonding night. One of our investigators came to help with food and one of the english kids brought a non-member friend! My favorite part was that all of our ward missionaries came to support and provide refreshments. Ever since we started doing weekly correlation with them they have been SO INVOLVED! I could not be more excited about the effort that the members are putting in!!!

Hope you had an awesome week!!! Sorry it's short! Enjoy the pics!!!

Hermana Johnson

-It got really rainy one day
- I got to see my greenie on eschanges
-Some fun kickball in the park pics
-Going out with Yajaira
-Zone activity in the mountains!

6 New Investigators, 1 New Stun Gun

This week was awesome. We found some people, taught some people, built some ward relationships, and over all we are just SO SO happy

I chose two things last Monday that I want to focus on to be a better companion. So the two things I am striving for is to 1.) help my companion trust in her ability to trust the spirit. And 2.) Help my companion learn Spanish!

I set the first focus because my comp always says she doesn't know when the spirit is talking to her (she totally gets promptings all the time...she's incredible). So I thought I would help build her confidence in that by always acting on her ideas without debate. Just trusting in her right to the spirit 100%. 

Well no sooner than I had made that goal, we had an appointment cancel and Wallis said, "Maybe we should visit the Linares' (two of our converts)". I had committed to act on all of her thoughts as promptings, so we went immediately. We showed up to find one of our sweet converts shut in her room crying and panicking and feeling terrible about herself. It was vital that we were there for her. We stayed with her for two hours and figured out what to do with the situations she was facing. The next day she got sent to her mom's house and we have had no contact with her since. 

How incredible is the Spirit? It will touch our hearts in the quietest ways for the most important reasons. Hermana Wallis has become the queen of recognizing promptings in just a week! She is showing me up! It is such an honor to be serving with her!

The second thing is Spanish. Hermana Wallis is not a fan of the celestial it really bothers her to have to speak it. I told her that everything I say will be in Spanish, and she can do what she pleases. So far we've been having a great week only speaking in Spansih (actually spanglish....still learning) But it's GREAT!

Companions are the best, especially mine. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but Hermana Wallis loves to run! We used to pass eachother on runs in the canyon haha! We have found some gorgeous trails right next to our apartments and we run every morning! It's so so fun. It's everything I need to feel like myself and be a missionary. 

We found two awesome new families! I get anxious before teaching families because I know how important they are to Father. But hopefully we don't scare them off and they can come to know the gospel is true!

We are still teaching Douglas, the Jehovas Witness. Last night we had to break it to him that Jehova isn't Heavenly Father, but Jesus. I was stressin' about it. I love Douglas and we have the BEST discussions. I have learned a lot trying to study for him. He has really deep questions and really wants to know truth. Every time I have tried to explain the truth about Jehova to someone the investigator isn't super pleased. But this time I was just really bold. We used the scriptures and a lot of love. Douglas said "I have never heard this. It's like Philip in the old testament. He was riding along in his cart, reading the scriptures, but someone had to come and expound them to him. Then he immediately got baptized." 

I was STUNNED by the response. Actually giddy. HOW HUMBLE. This is a guy who can tell you what it says in any scripture, word for word, if you just give him the reference. He has studied the Bible more than any person I have ever known. And he humbly accepted the invitation to pray to Heavenly Father, in the name of Christ, knowing that he is not praying TO Jehova but in the NAME of Him, to seek revelation- which he never believed in in the first place. SO EXCITING.

We taught Luis tithing this week with the branch President. Luis is the most incredible person in the world. He will be THE BEST member and someday THE BEST bishop. He WANTS to pay tithing, but his mortgage might prohibit him taking another 10% from his tithing. I want to ask that if anyone out there reading this has a powerful tithing experience, please send it to my e-mail I would love to share with him some tithing miracles. Sounds like he might be calling it quits with his road to baptism tonight at dinner....but keep him in your prayers. 

Over-all this week has been great. We found 6 great news and got the cutest little girl on date for June! Can't wait! Only rough part of the week was that my energy was at ZERO for a few days. All I had left in the fridge was a huge thing of cookie dough. I ate that for breakfast lunch and dinner for a few was rough. Then I found beef Jerky in the cupboard so that was exciting. And my companion shared as much as she could too. I hope the guy that robbed me is pleased......I'm gonna pray that my bank gets it together and sends me a new card before I wither away out here lol. 

Well I love you all TONS! Have a great week!


Hermana Johnson

P.S. The elders got a stun gun from a sketchy member in their ward who lives in the boonies. They gave it to us! Plus I broke out the good ole pepper spray. Nobody's gonna be messin' with us again!

Oh and here are the notes that Esmeralda and Zayan wrote about their baptisms!!! CUTENESS!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Well family it was INCREDIBLE to talk to you all last night. It was so fun to see all of you and I am so glad some of the cousins could join for a second! Made my whole transfer! 

I feel like I just talked to you all, but I still have an update on the week! The branch is doing great. We set a goal to get 50+ in attendance two times this transfer, and this Sunday it happened again! That's three Sundays in a row! We have some awesome less active families returning and building their faith. I never understood how great it is to work with less actives, but it is one of the most rewarding feelings to see these families come back and take on callings/leadership positions in no time at all! 

Temple Trip!

WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE WITH YAJAIRA! It was the greatest day EVER. She loved it and loved the spirit there. One of my favorite parts though was the drive down. Her young womens leader took us and they sat in the front talking all about life. Yajaira hasn't had it easy, and she has been needing a role model desperately. It was so great to see her leader taking her under her wing and helping her feel loved. It takes a great leader to drive a young women with gages, who swears the whole car ride, to the temple. Here's to all of the young womens leaders who see every girl as a perfect daughter of God. You women are heroes!

My favorite thing about being in the temple was the peace and comfort that is there. At this point I have been there enough that it feels familiar. It feels like a constant in my life that will never go away. It's like a refuge of the spirit that is available to anyone who has a desire to get worthy and go. I love it more than I can describe! Like Yajaira said, "it feels like heaven!" And like our recent convert said to Luis at church "If you haven't been to the temple, I highly recommend it."

Don't be dumb, YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE

Luis is doing GREAT. We had a lesson with him the other day and he was acting so iffy about his baptism. I said something like, "Luis, what are your doubts? I know you know the Book of Mormon is true so don't pretend like you don't". And he started smiling SO BIG. Ear to ear. He said something like "Yes I know it's true. And I love the prophets. And this is the Church of Jesus Christ. I just don't want to get baptized without knowing if I will marry someone else who is baptized or not."

HAHA so we taught him about eternal marriage and all that and he was PUMPED. Such a good person. I haven't met a 20ish guy with this kind of quality in my whole life. Just a good good person trying to do what's right. I know the Lord prepared him and I can't wait for him to be a general authority or something haha. 

My favorite thing about all of this is that Luis has been bombarded with anti info about the prophets and the church and stuff. And he isn't ignorant, he takes it all into account. But he has 1.) Read the Book of Mormon with real intent 2.) Attended all church meetings to see for himself and 3.) Prayed with faith to simply ask God what is true and what is false. That is all that God asks of us. I know that if we do these things, truly put our trust in God instead of men, He will reveal truth to each of us!

We Are All Just Trying to do What's Right, Right?
We also just started teaching our ward mission leaders wife. She is Jehovas Witness AND has a lot of anti-info. I'm not worried though. I love teaching Jehova's Witness because they are a people who study intently to try and figure out the mysteries of God. 9x out of 10 they just call us in to bash us, but the one that listens finds their faith growing.  As missionaries we aren't out here to take away what anyone believes, but to add to it. I have a firm conviction that we work for Heavenly Father. The one and only God. We work for the same being that EVERYONE is searching for. That's why I am so excited to teach her. She searches the scriptures, tries to follow God, and grabs hold of anti info because she is just trying to find truth. So i'm doing tons of studying and praying so that we can hopefully answer her questions and help her come even closer to God than she already is. 

Baptisms to Come!

We have been teaching the cutest little girls Zayan and Esmerelda. There is a good chunk of un-baptized kids out here who have been bombarded by they basically hated us. But we came up with some crafts and games to make the gospel fun and have been doing them with all the unbaptized kids! I have like 5 new BFFs ages 9-12. It's awesome. Zayan and Esmerelda are a couple of those kids and their baptism is this Saturday! Can't wait!

OH btw I'M STAYING HERE! Hermana Wallis and I are going to have THE BEST TRANSFER EVER. I AM SO EXCITED. We just had an incredible zone training about working with members and planning more effectively. Hermana Wallis and I are determined to implement all of it. We started last night by having a lesson in a members home. The spirit was so strong! We have also organized a correlation meeting that will happen each week (with or without the mission leader because he is always MIA) that is welcome to all branch members. We will specifically invite the ward missionaries and auxiliaries, but we want everybody who wants to be involved to be there! Hermana Wallis is ON FIRE. I love her so much. We are going to have the most productive transfer of my mission, i can feel it. 

Also, she loves to run. So we are going to run all of the gorgeous trails in santa fe...and we are going to borrow some bikes from the members for bike rides. I couldn't be happier. Really truly so happy. 

I LOVE YOU ALL! I hope you have a great week! And HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

p.s ANGEL MAYRA BLANCA AND JOSE all went and did family names this week, too!!!!! COULD THIS WEEK BE ANY BETTER?????? SUCH A HAPPY THING! i'll try and get them to send pics!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Chills Head to Toe

This week was absolutely incredible. I feel like we lived a whole transfer in just one week! 

-On Monday we ended p-day early to put on a family home evening for the branch. The branch is so awesome but we have a lot of work to do to build unity and spirituality. They all used to be in such strong, active, united wards and when the branch fell apart it really shook everyone! So we are trying to help as much as possible. So we made a family night centered on the iron rod! We had everyone in the relief society room and we reviewed the story from the book of Mormon. Then we sent people blindfolded, one by one, into the gym where there was a huge course were you follow a rope through obstacles to a "tree of life". We had to do the whole thing ourselves and we only had like 15 min on the "tree" so it turned out like a giant wad of paper. But it was great! At the end, President was waiting to hand out our mission plan! Then everyone went to the chapel to ponder their goals. We had assigned less actives to remember how they feel about the Book of Mormon and share. It was AWESOME!!!! 

-On Tuesday a TON happened, but my favorite was when we went back to the miracle referral we had last week, Moreima. She is SUCH a sweet person. She is going through some health struggles so we go over when her nurse is there because she wants us to be there for support. I love her<3

Wednesday= Baptism day!!!! Yajaira got baptized!!! I am so so so proud of her. The room was PACKED! There were so many people and MANY of them were less actives. We met Yajaira's best friend and their family and turns out that the parents are SEALED and all of the kids are baptized but when they moved here they fell away and never put their records here. We had no idea they existed! But as we said goodbye the girl Yajaira's age said "I want to build my life here!" and the mom said they would start coming back:)

Also LUIS was there. Luis is my favorite investigator on the whole planet. He is in his 20's, SO respectful, keeps his commitments, and is very humble and eager to learn...what more could a missionary ask for? We have met with him several times this week. So far he has almost finished 1st Nephi and prays every night. The hardest part is still his friend. Turns out he left the church AND left Utah because of the church. It's so sad. Sounds like he got offended and left. It is really creating a conflict in Luis' head, but their must be opposition in all things. Heavenly Father knows Luis perfectly and allows these things to happen to make his testimony as strong as possible. 

-Friday (skipped thursday cause this e-mail is already lengthy)
On Friday we ate with some VERY less actives and showed them the mission plan. They began to set family goals right away to pray, read, and get their temple recommends back. They have testimonies, they just felt un-needed at church. So on Sunday we called the Hermano and asked if he could come help sit with investigators. He came right away, even though he was sick! Such a miracle!

-Saturday we went on splits to visit as many people as possible to drop off cookies and invites to church. It was great to get to meet more people in the area!

-Sunday, THE HARD WORK PAYED OFF! We hit 50 people at church! The best part is that those kind of numbers are becoming consistent! So exciting. 5 of those people were our investigators. The ward was so excited to see the new blood. There was clearly a different feel of love and fellowship. We asked everyone to sit in the middle of the chapel toward the front and it felt just like a big family. Everyone was reaching out. Each testimony was directed to the investigators. It probably made them uncomfortable, but it was great to see people who didn't even know they had a testimony get up and share what they knew to help someone else. All of the investigators did great. Juan smelled TERRIBLE and everyone loved him. Everyone was asking us where we found him and said "en la calle" (on the street) haha. It was great to see Yajaira get confirmed and feel the power of the spirit! She said "Something came to my body...head to toe chills! I opened my eyes but nothing was there so I just closed them and listened to the blessing."

Then,  after church we couldn't shake the fire! We set out and found 3 news right before we drove to Albuquerque for a musical fireside. I got to sing How Great Thou Art in spanish. The chapel was a stake conference. It was awesome. I think Luis really felt the spirit! Also, that guy did 5 hours of church! 7 plus travel time!

Then, Elder Spencer Smith of Eagle Idaho did a rap. Video coming next week when I figure out how to download it.


Oh and the pics:

most of them are self explanatory...but one is exchanges with SISTER MADDIE HAZEN OF BOISE! so cool that we are together....and of course just take a gander at that nature! We have been running so hard all week, doing yoga every night, and hitting the gorgeous hikes on p-day. I could not be a happier girl. 

The mirror selfie is Yami right before she got DUNKED. kidof a cute before/after thing haha. And the one with us and Yami showing off our muscles is when she got presented into young womens! SO FUN!

ok i'm done. bye! xoxox

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Feliz Navidad!

This week was incredible! 

So Yami is almost to her baptism! She is totally prepared and excited! She got introduced into Young Womens at new beginnings and she loved it. The only struggle is that she still gets headaches from no coffee. At our last lesson she said "My head hurts from all the Wisdom!" We were dying laughing but turns out...she was serious. She calls the word of wisdom "living with wisdom". LOVE IT. 

We found the best new investigator! His name is Luis and he's like 30. SUPER nice person. It's insane. He would be the best addition to our branch. He has a bunch of mormon friends who he respects a lot. And yesterday he spent the day reading the book of mormon for the first time. The only down fall is that one of his friends left the church and keeps telling him not to do it. So pray for Luis and that he can recognize the spirit!

We had a great miracle this week. We pulled up to some trailers to try a former and they weren't home. We felt like we should still be there so we got out of the car. I pointed to a trailer and thought that might be it. One of my comps said they knew that person already. They weren't interested at all. I felt that we should probably go anyway, and it wasn't long before  my comp felt the same. So we tried it and I basically said "I haven't met you before, and I heard you aren't interested in meeting with us at all! But we felt like we should come talk to you, so I'm guessing you know someone who does need to meet with us." And boom. just like that we got an appointment with her depressed friend and a referral to try her neighbor. I am SO  lucky to have comps who follow the spirit and SO grateful that we aren't in this work alone. If it weren't for the help of the holy ghost we would go nowhere. 

Also, it SNOWWEEED. SO MUCH. Like 9 inches. We woke up and the world was white. Way more snow than santa fe got all winter and it's april! It was crazy. We had to stay in because we have a dumb Malibu. (btw malibus are so high maintenance.) So we studied and organized stuff all day. And of course we took a break to build a snow investigator lol.

Finally, can I just say that I love my family? I got talking about my grandparents and the cousins and my siblings and I realized how awesome you all are and how LUCKY we are to have eachother. Isn't it amazing that we will ALWAYS have eachother? Traditions and things and fun memories and cool places come and go. Everything in life comes to an end. The only thing that we never have to lose is the eternal relationships that we are building. I when good times come to an end I never have to worry because i KNOW that I will always have the most important thing to me. I never have to lose you guys! That is the most precious thing in the whole entire world. Just think for a minute how sad it would be to lose your loved ones, and then realize that you NEVER WILL as long as we are keeping the commandments and the covenants we made in the temple. The gospel is SO beautiful!!!!

The best part of being a missionary is sharing this knowledge. The only way to have this kind of peace is through the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. So many people tell us "There is one God so who cares what church you go to?". Well if there is one God, wouldn't he have one gospel? And if all of the churches are teaching different things....which is right? Which one has all of the things that Jesus established in the Bible? If you don't know with surety which church is right, I encourage you to make finding out a top priority. There is a true gospel and it is directly from Jesus Christ. And it is only through Him that we can obtain salvation with our FAMILIES! Such a happy thing!

I love you all so much!!! 


this is my comp hiding from our investigator who is in love with her. lol....don't worry president approved this. 

Also...that is me getting a bug out of my hair. Thought it summed Santa fe up pretty good.

Real Intent

Hello Family!!

This week FLEW by. Here are the highlights:

-We went to an english member's house to get hair cuts and turns out she is a convert from LA. And get this- SHE USED TO BE FRANK SINATRA'S MAKEUP ARTIST!!! how crazy is that? She like touched his face and then trimmed my split ends. Crazy. 

-WE FOUND A FAMILY! actually they found us. They called us on sunday because they had our card laying around there house (we can't remember where we talked to them, but they remember us.) They asked if we could come teach them and if they could come to our church! We have been meeting with them all week in their 8'x5' house- (that's 8 feet by 5 feet...and it's not an exaggeration. I'm probably even being a little generous). They are SO awesome and SO humble. They want to get baptized at the end of this month IF they find out that it's true. So basically, if they ask God with real intent, they will be baptized.

- I forgot to tell this story last week...but it made my whole mission. SO here goes. 
When Britney was getting baptized the member kept messing up the prayer. FINALLY he got it but her knee came up. I think the guy was embarassed or something so he decides to say "Britney SPEARS Salazar, yo te bautizo....." 
He finished the whole prayer and everyone is thinking he was joking, but he actually tried to dunk her! And the witnesses had a hay-day. They were SO MAD. HAHAHA it was the darnest thing. 

-Little Yami Repented! Yami is our 16 year old investigator who is getting baptized this next week! She is my BFF but has a hard time opening up about gospel stuff. But we got there last monday and she tells us this whole story about how she started feeling bad about her past and things kept building up, so she got on her knees and prayed. She prayed for a good hour! And then she got in the shower to see if the water would wash her sins, but it didn't so she is just looking forward to her actual baptism now. haha but seriously...HOW COOL IS THAT?

This week I have been thinking a lot about "real intent". We talk to A LOT of people every day. But very few accept Jesus's message in the end. The church is true, Jesus suffered for EVERYONES sins, God is the very literal FATHER of everyone we talk to, and the only way we get redeemed of our sins and feel all of the love God has for us is through the restored gospel of Jesus why do people reject us? Why do people take the discussions for years and never have a baptism? Why do faithful members of the church leave? 

I think it boils down to just talking to God, trusting in what he says, and having intent to act on his message! He will never lead his children astray. But, we often know that his answer to us might not be what we want. Maybe it will prove us wrong, or change our path more drastically than we want. I know i've been there. I have been too prideful to ask god sincerely for answers many times. I cheat out of it with a quick prayer and then rely on my own reasoning to get me through trials or questions about faith. But I have also had moments where I realize that I have no idea what I'm doing and I NEED God to guide me. In those times I have felt his love so strong. I KNOW that anyone who asks God, through a prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, with real intent to act on the answer WILL be given the answers they seek. It applies to every question we could possible have. But, it's easy said than done. It's scary, it takes a lot of humility, and a lot of faith. But everyone who I have seen ask God for answers with real intent, has received the strength to embrace the gospel. (Moroni 10 3-5)