Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Miracles!!!!

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we didn't have a lot of plans because our investigators had plans with their families. So, we got a few members together and went caroling during the day. It was really fun to visit our investigators and sing for them. Then we went to a rest home and sang for the sweetest people in the world. We had a referral for a very sick man at the rest home so we visited him first. He couldn't talk at all, but he nodded saying that we could sing. After we sang we stood by his bed and talked about Jesus Christ and God's love for him. It took all he had, and made him cough a lot, but he said a very sincere "thank you". It took so much for him to just say thank you, and it taught me more than I have ever learned about the importance of gratitude.

 Later that night, we went to A's house (our super sweet old man investigator who is the literal light of my life) and he had us sing to and teach his whole extended family who was visiting from Juarez. Several of them asked how they can join us for lessons weekly and we helped them get information on how to take the lessons. It was a literal dream come true to teach a whole room of people who were absolutely loving it. After, they all got in family groups and had us pray for them. So sweet. 

Later on, one of our brand new investigators told us we could go sing for her neighbor that night at 7. So, of course, we went back. We sang for their whole family and taught a lesson about Christmas and Jesus Christ. It was so incredible! We asked them if they knew anyone who would like a visit and they pointed out two houses on the street. We went to the first house to find a huge family gathering! They invited us in and we sang to and taught a lesson to over 20 people! We left them with a prayer, and then that lady personally walked us to another neighbor. This neighbor had an even bigger family!!!  They invited us right in and we taught over 30 people about Jesus Christ and left them with a prayer. It was crazy. People were videoing the whole thing as Hermana T and I just stood in the middle of the room with our scriptures open. So crazy. Then that neighbor sent us to another neighbor's house and the night went on with caroling and tons of teaching. By the end of the night we had taught over 75 non members, in spanish, full lessons about Jesus Christ. 

After that we literally ran down the road skipping and freaking out cause we had literally had the best night of missionary life EVER.


First of all, thank you EVERYONE for your gifts and cards. I have never felt more loved!!!! I have the best family ever! 

After presents we went to church where we sang a song and got more presents! haha I can't imagine being in a better ward. The best part is that they are beginning to trust us a lot! Several people  have been offering up names of their non-member family members, and others have been getting really involved with our investigators and befriending them. So cool. LOVE THIS WARD.

It was super fun to talk to my fam on Christmas! You guys all look so good and happy:) After I turned off the computer I felt more motivated and excited to missionary work than ever. So, we went and visited a referral from the bishop. A woman in our ward boundaries was dying of old age and her nice (who is a member) flew into town from AZ and had called our bishop to see if the missionaries could come and visit. We went over and were blown away. I have never seen someone so close to was really eye opening. Several couples and children were gathered around this sweet lady's bed. She had flours on her chest and everyone was crying. We sang several Christmas songs for the family and they all were hugging and swaying. It was such a tender moment. The woman who had invited us over asked us to sing I Am A Child Of God, and to explain what we believe. That's when we realized that we were in a room of non-members! As we did so the spirit came into the room SO STRONG. 

As we were leaving a man came and hugged us...oops....and said he is very impressed and wants to be part of our church. MIRACLE! He is so excited to take the lessons and become a member...and he doesn't even know anything about the gospel besides how it makes him feel. So cool.

Then....MORE MIRACLES!!! sorry this is long....haha...but the night just got BETTER! As we left the house we asked if there was anyone else who we could go visit. The woman referred us to her neighbor who is an old man sick in bed. She called her 20ish son and his girlfriend to walk us across the street and introduce us. This young couple was so sweet and willing to serve. We were really, really impressed as they knocked on the neighbor's door, introduced themselves and us, and then came in with us to visit the man who was sick. The man was very sick and disfigured and had a hard time talking. His wife has him all set up in a hospital bed and everything. We weren't sure if he even wanted us there...or if he even spoke spanish...but we started singing anyway. All of the sudden his face LIT UP! he started dancing around (which looked more like thrashing haha) and trying to sing! We sang song after song! He was so so happy to sing and dance with us. The young couple didn't want to sing but they videoed and danced too. I couldn't believe how much happiness was in the room! We left him with a message and a prayer, and as we walked out the couple really opened up about their journey with God. The boy told me that his friend was Mormon and passed away, but this friend of his was always so happy. They asked if we could teach them about the church and pray over their relationship. SO COOL! I can already picture them at the temple!

So, after such a great weekend I'm sorry to say that the call home didn't even make me a little homesick. I know exactly where I am supposed to be and I am so thankful that I got to be a representative of Jesus Christ for Christmas!!! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!!

Scripture of the week: 

"Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever." -Alma 26:12

Hope everyone enjoys their vacations!!! Go out and serve!!! Love you! xoxoxoxoxox