Saturday, February 25, 2017

There's a cute pic of my cat in this email

Just a quick update and some pics!

We set a record this week with our investigators at church! We had 8!!! And all of our less actives that we have been working with forever FINALLY came to church! It was awesome! And then one of our awesome couple's that we are teaching came to us after church and was like "So....we feel like this is our home. Let's get baptized on Tuesday".

Soooo stay tuned!!

The best part of church was when Pablo got called on to say something about prayer in Gospel Principles. He said something like this:

"When the sisters found me I was mad at God and only ever asked him 'why do you make me suffer so much?' But now I can really open up to God and I don't have a for sure answer, but I don't need one. Now that I pray I know that God loves me and all I want to do is say thank you."

The picture with the big group is our 4 investigators, their kids, and their family who introduced us to them. We had the most INCREDIBLE lesson with all of them. At the beginning the member shared an email that her son who is on a mission wrote to our investigators (his cousins) it was so powerful. Then we taught them about repentance and baptism and EVERYONE was crying. They just want to get rid of all of the baggage from their past through Jesus Christ! It was so beautiful. Then, their cousin gave them all blessings. The cousin didn't even know what we had been working with each of them on (Word of Wisdom, Marriage, Praying...they each have their own struggle) but the blessings were PERFECT for each of them. So everyone was crying even more. It was so awesome. 11/10 lesson for sure. I will never forget it. 

Hope you all have a great week!!! Love you mucho!!


The pics (not in this order)

-My cat Galleto (Hermana Garcia kicks him out of the house but I bought cat nip at walmart so I can rebuild his trust. He's about as skiddish as an investigator!)

-Us standing with the elders in our ward and OUR investigator Joel. But Joel is huge and he loves us too much so I guess I got weird and stood like 100 feet too far away. HAHA I for sure wrecked the pic. So awkward. Oh and elder Sutton is trying to flex to be as big as Joel cause Joel is like a pro body builder or something... he started training all the young men for free HAH 

-The one with the tree is a throw back from Christmas with the best district ever

-The one with the houses is what we see when we drive to the edge of our area. That's Mexico folks! Like a suppppeeerrr sketchy part of Mexico. Our members that are from there have STORIES