Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Well family it was INCREDIBLE to talk to you all last night. It was so fun to see all of you and I am so glad some of the cousins could join for a second! Made my whole transfer! 

I feel like I just talked to you all, but I still have an update on the week! The branch is doing great. We set a goal to get 50+ in attendance two times this transfer, and this Sunday it happened again! That's three Sundays in a row! We have some awesome less active families returning and building their faith. I never understood how great it is to work with less actives, but it is one of the most rewarding feelings to see these families come back and take on callings/leadership positions in no time at all! 

Temple Trip!

WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE WITH YAJAIRA! It was the greatest day EVER. She loved it and loved the spirit there. One of my favorite parts though was the drive down. Her young womens leader took us and they sat in the front talking all about life. Yajaira hasn't had it easy, and she has been needing a role model desperately. It was so great to see her leader taking her under her wing and helping her feel loved. It takes a great leader to drive a young women with gages, who swears the whole car ride, to the temple. Here's to all of the young womens leaders who see every girl as a perfect daughter of God. You women are heroes!

My favorite thing about being in the temple was the peace and comfort that is there. At this point I have been there enough that it feels familiar. It feels like a constant in my life that will never go away. It's like a refuge of the spirit that is available to anyone who has a desire to get worthy and go. I love it more than I can describe! Like Yajaira said, "it feels like heaven!" And like our recent convert said to Luis at church "If you haven't been to the temple, I highly recommend it."

Don't be dumb, YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE

Luis is doing GREAT. We had a lesson with him the other day and he was acting so iffy about his baptism. I said something like, "Luis, what are your doubts? I know you know the Book of Mormon is true so don't pretend like you don't". And he started smiling SO BIG. Ear to ear. He said something like "Yes I know it's true. And I love the prophets. And this is the Church of Jesus Christ. I just don't want to get baptized without knowing if I will marry someone else who is baptized or not."

HAHA so we taught him about eternal marriage and all that and he was PUMPED. Such a good person. I haven't met a 20ish guy with this kind of quality in my whole life. Just a good good person trying to do what's right. I know the Lord prepared him and I can't wait for him to be a general authority or something haha. 

My favorite thing about all of this is that Luis has been bombarded with anti info about the prophets and the church and stuff. And he isn't ignorant, he takes it all into account. But he has 1.) Read the Book of Mormon with real intent 2.) Attended all church meetings to see for himself and 3.) Prayed with faith to simply ask God what is true and what is false. That is all that God asks of us. I know that if we do these things, truly put our trust in God instead of men, He will reveal truth to each of us!

We Are All Just Trying to do What's Right, Right?
We also just started teaching our ward mission leaders wife. She is Jehovas Witness AND has a lot of anti-info. I'm not worried though. I love teaching Jehova's Witness because they are a people who study intently to try and figure out the mysteries of God. 9x out of 10 they just call us in to bash us, but the one that listens finds their faith growing.  As missionaries we aren't out here to take away what anyone believes, but to add to it. I have a firm conviction that we work for Heavenly Father. The one and only God. We work for the same being that EVERYONE is searching for. That's why I am so excited to teach her. She searches the scriptures, tries to follow God, and grabs hold of anti info because she is just trying to find truth. So i'm doing tons of studying and praying so that we can hopefully answer her questions and help her come even closer to God than she already is. 

Baptisms to Come!

We have been teaching the cutest little girls Zayan and Esmerelda. There is a good chunk of un-baptized kids out here who have been bombarded by they basically hated us. But we came up with some crafts and games to make the gospel fun and have been doing them with all the unbaptized kids! I have like 5 new BFFs ages 9-12. It's awesome. Zayan and Esmerelda are a couple of those kids and their baptism is this Saturday! Can't wait!

OH btw I'M STAYING HERE! Hermana Wallis and I are going to have THE BEST TRANSFER EVER. I AM SO EXCITED. We just had an incredible zone training about working with members and planning more effectively. Hermana Wallis and I are determined to implement all of it. We started last night by having a lesson in a members home. The spirit was so strong! We have also organized a correlation meeting that will happen each week (with or without the mission leader because he is always MIA) that is welcome to all branch members. We will specifically invite the ward missionaries and auxiliaries, but we want everybody who wants to be involved to be there! Hermana Wallis is ON FIRE. I love her so much. We are going to have the most productive transfer of my mission, i can feel it. 

Also, she loves to run. So we are going to run all of the gorgeous trails in santa fe...and we are going to borrow some bikes from the members for bike rides. I couldn't be happier. Really truly so happy. 

I LOVE YOU ALL! I hope you have a great week! And HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

p.s ANGEL MAYRA BLANCA AND JOSE all went and did family names this week, too!!!!! COULD THIS WEEK BE ANY BETTER?????? SUCH A HAPPY THING! i'll try and get them to send pics!