Monday, June 12, 2017

6 New Investigators, 1 New Stun Gun

This week was awesome. We found some people, taught some people, built some ward relationships, and over all we are just SO SO happy

I chose two things last Monday that I want to focus on to be a better companion. So the two things I am striving for is to 1.) help my companion trust in her ability to trust the spirit. And 2.) Help my companion learn Spanish!

I set the first focus because my comp always says she doesn't know when the spirit is talking to her (she totally gets promptings all the time...she's incredible). So I thought I would help build her confidence in that by always acting on her ideas without debate. Just trusting in her right to the spirit 100%. 

Well no sooner than I had made that goal, we had an appointment cancel and Wallis said, "Maybe we should visit the Linares' (two of our converts)". I had committed to act on all of her thoughts as promptings, so we went immediately. We showed up to find one of our sweet converts shut in her room crying and panicking and feeling terrible about herself. It was vital that we were there for her. We stayed with her for two hours and figured out what to do with the situations she was facing. The next day she got sent to her mom's house and we have had no contact with her since. 

How incredible is the Spirit? It will touch our hearts in the quietest ways for the most important reasons. Hermana Wallis has become the queen of recognizing promptings in just a week! She is showing me up! It is such an honor to be serving with her!

The second thing is Spanish. Hermana Wallis is not a fan of the celestial it really bothers her to have to speak it. I told her that everything I say will be in Spanish, and she can do what she pleases. So far we've been having a great week only speaking in Spansih (actually spanglish....still learning) But it's GREAT!

Companions are the best, especially mine. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but Hermana Wallis loves to run! We used to pass eachother on runs in the canyon haha! We have found some gorgeous trails right next to our apartments and we run every morning! It's so so fun. It's everything I need to feel like myself and be a missionary. 

We found two awesome new families! I get anxious before teaching families because I know how important they are to Father. But hopefully we don't scare them off and they can come to know the gospel is true!

We are still teaching Douglas, the Jehovas Witness. Last night we had to break it to him that Jehova isn't Heavenly Father, but Jesus. I was stressin' about it. I love Douglas and we have the BEST discussions. I have learned a lot trying to study for him. He has really deep questions and really wants to know truth. Every time I have tried to explain the truth about Jehova to someone the investigator isn't super pleased. But this time I was just really bold. We used the scriptures and a lot of love. Douglas said "I have never heard this. It's like Philip in the old testament. He was riding along in his cart, reading the scriptures, but someone had to come and expound them to him. Then he immediately got baptized." 

I was STUNNED by the response. Actually giddy. HOW HUMBLE. This is a guy who can tell you what it says in any scripture, word for word, if you just give him the reference. He has studied the Bible more than any person I have ever known. And he humbly accepted the invitation to pray to Heavenly Father, in the name of Christ, knowing that he is not praying TO Jehova but in the NAME of Him, to seek revelation- which he never believed in in the first place. SO EXCITING.

We taught Luis tithing this week with the branch President. Luis is the most incredible person in the world. He will be THE BEST member and someday THE BEST bishop. He WANTS to pay tithing, but his mortgage might prohibit him taking another 10% from his tithing. I want to ask that if anyone out there reading this has a powerful tithing experience, please send it to my e-mail I would love to share with him some tithing miracles. Sounds like he might be calling it quits with his road to baptism tonight at dinner....but keep him in your prayers. 

Over-all this week has been great. We found 6 great news and got the cutest little girl on date for June! Can't wait! Only rough part of the week was that my energy was at ZERO for a few days. All I had left in the fridge was a huge thing of cookie dough. I ate that for breakfast lunch and dinner for a few was rough. Then I found beef Jerky in the cupboard so that was exciting. And my companion shared as much as she could too. I hope the guy that robbed me is pleased......I'm gonna pray that my bank gets it together and sends me a new card before I wither away out here lol. 

Well I love you all TONS! Have a great week!


Hermana Johnson

P.S. The elders got a stun gun from a sketchy member in their ward who lives in the boonies. They gave it to us! Plus I broke out the good ole pepper spray. Nobody's gonna be messin' with us again!

Oh and here are the notes that Esmeralda and Zayan wrote about their baptisms!!! CUTENESS!

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